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With Covid-19 far from contained, we look ahead to the winter holiday season, to see who is betting on being free and safe to travel -- and those who have already decided to stay put. South Australia's recent COVID-19 lockdown drama, coupled with Queensland opening its borders to Victoria and Greater Sydney makes for a tricky picture on state borders around the country. Bookings spiked 17%. ASPEN, Colo. — March is Aspen's moneymaking season as spring breakers and families head to the mountains to ski. On November 9, tentative travelers kept their potential trips pretty local, with US destinations making up most of the top 10. Europe Coronavirus: TUI rents out remote workspaces in holiday destinations. Thanksgiving travelers try to reach destinations, miss catching COVID-19 By Daniella Peters Associated Press; Nov 26, 2020 ... 2020, at Gloucester … Journey Latin America has unveiled the first trip in a new range of "Covid-conscious" holidays, designed to get people back into destinations promptly as they reopen while ensuring safety. (Updated 2 p.m. EDT) -- New measures being imposed by several European countries threaten the already-limited restart of cruises in the Mediterranean and beyond, as coronavirus … Similarly, on November 16, 2020, when news of the promising Moderna vaccine hit, searches for economy class round-trips from the US rose by 63% compared to the previous day. The Johns Hopkins 30-Minute COVID-19 Briefing: Expert Insights on What You Need to Know Now. Friday November 20, 2020 12:00-12:30 ET As the pandemic surges to dangerous, record-breaking levels, we are launching the first in a series of bi-weekly webcast briefings on the CRC this coming Friday at noon. Les Québécois devraient éviter les vacances dans le Sud tant qu’il n’y aura pas de vaccin contre la COVID-19. The UAE has changed the COVID‑19 PCR test requirements for Dubai. From December, passengers flying between Rome and some U.S. destinations can be tested for the coronavirus 48 hours before departure and on arrival at … For Glowing Hearts. For those destinations that may have current travel advisories issued by authorities, we’re including alerts on our site when you search that will let you know there could be an issue with your route. La crise du Covid-19 bouleverse notre quotidien, nos habitudes de vie, de travail, nos interactions sociales jusqu'à notre manière de partir en vacances. webcasts | November 20, 2020. The Latin America specialist says its new "trailblazer" holiday style has … Each province, in their own time, will assess the best distribution of funds, taking into account local and regional COVID-19 circumstances and all efforts will support Destination Canada’s national brand: Canada. Concurrently, DC is launching national media and industry partnerships as well as agent training for travel trade.

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