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Bill de Blasio announced in 2017 that infamous jail would be closed within 10 years When things are tense in the young adult housing areas at the Robert N. Davoren Complex jail on Rikers Island, sneakers are on. NEW YORK—As part of the continued drive to close the jails on Rikers Island and build new modern and borough-based facilities by 2026, the City will close two more jails next year.The Eric M. Taylor Center (EMTC) on Rikers Island will close in March, and the Brooklyn Detention Complex (BKDC) in Boerum Hill will close by the end of January. Earlier this year Mayor Bill de Blasio launched a new plan to close Rikers Island, with the tag line “Smaller, Safer, Fairer: A Roadmap to Closing Rikers Island.” Following the announcement, advocates have spoken out about concerns regarding the severely dilapidated condition of the current facilities, and the health impact these conditions have on persons in custody. Jay Z Says Rikers Island Jail Should Be Closed. The jail was opened in 1935 and has been notorious for its violence and dysfunction for decades. And what will become of Rikers Island once the corrections facility is closed?" Share this: Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Rikers Island used to serve as a landfill site for the city and was home to vegetable and pig farms. REUTERS/Chip East In its place, the city plans to be several correctional facilities across Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx. Rikers Island (photo: formulanone) New York City’s historic commitment to closing the Rikers Island jail complex is in jeopardy. Rikers Island wardens accused of using inmates as ‘enforcers’ to punish other prisoners. It will likely be next year before the matter is resolved, but critics are pointing to it as yet another violent example of why Rikers Island should be closed as soon as possible. I'm aware that it won't increase slots but it will make the … By Ryan Bort On 1/26/17 at 4:54 PM EST. And in its place is the possibility of new community jails that are designed, specifically, for better treatment of inmates. John Moore/Getty Images Popular in News & Politics William Barr’s Lame-Duck Execution Spree Is Unprecedented The facility, sitting on … Rikers, a complex of 10 jails set on an island between Queens and the Bronx, mainly housed inmates waiting for trial. Thanks to an adverse court ruling, a struggling budget, and unfocused political leadership, Mayor de Blasio’s plan to build four new jails at a cost of $9 billion is endangered -- and so is the very idea of closing Rikers. There are times, the 18- to 21-year-olds housed there believe, they must be ready to fight or run. The buildings of the jail at Rikers Island. The Rikers Island jail complex will be closed, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Friday afternoon. Rikers Island, the infamous and isolated jail complex located off the coastline of New York City, is officially being shut down. Timothy Cardinal Dolan calls on the city to close Rikers Island outside of New York Civil Supreme Court Thursday, Sept. 19, 2019 in Manhattan. November 21, 2019. “New York City has always been better than Rikers Island. New York finalizes plans to close notorious Rikers Island jail Facility will be closed by 2026, the City Council voted Thursday. The city has said Rikers will be fully closed by 2026. Rikers Island Jail To Be Closed, Mayor Bill De Blasio Says - Tribeca-FiDi, NY - New York City will shut down the notorious jail on Rikers Island, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Friday. Rikers Island jail complex on Jan. 5, 2018, in the Bronx borough of New York City. It is notorious for violence, inhumane conditions and neglect. New York's notorious Rikers Island jail complex has been plagued by allegations of corruption, violence and human rights abuses, and plans are now in place to shut it … Source: Reuters, The New York Times After 85 years, Rikers Island — and its stories of abuse, murder, inedible food and unafraid rats — is on its way to being no more. Dromm said Wednesday that he has no immediate plans to introduce legislation that would abolish Rikers, but that he is working on a series of bills to make further reforms there. Cointrin330 wrote:NYC-air wrote:Rikers Island, once closed, should be used for a new parallel runway for 13/31.LaGuardia isn't going anywhere so they might as well do this to improve delays. When it was first opened in the 1930s, Rikers Island was hailed as a cleaner, safer alternative to New York’s decrepit jail system. Following longtime calls for its closure, Rikers Island was set to be shut down by 2026. Now, New York City has delayed its death sentence to 2027.The infamous jail complex, which opened in 1932, has a history of abuse and negligence toward its prisoners. Plan to close Rikers Island, a symbol of criminal ... the city to reduce its jail population — from roughly 11,000 in 2014 to 7,000 today and a goal of 3,300 by 2026 when Rikers would be closed. The city will close its first jail on Rikers Island this summer — part of a decade-long plan to shut down the jail complex. To make sure Rikers Island is closed to incarceration for good, and put to far better use. Rikers Island New York City lawmakers voted on Thursday to shutter the notorious Rikers Island jail complex, which has become synonymous with violence and …

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