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From her fb post "Black Jaguar White Tiger is a sanctuary run by Eduardo Serio in Mexico and registered as a 501c3 in California. The mixing of big cat species takes top spot. ” This video was shared over 100,000 times. A Facebook Page going by the name of “Action” posted a video of Serio with the title “This man has rescued over 300 big cats. Meanwhile, as he was acting like an asshole publicly, Serio managed to file for 501(c) status and subsequently post the paperwork in an attempt to show that he was, in fact registered. Since there is no regulation in Mexico of his foundation, we can only pray that the animals are protected by God Himself. I’m an orphan once again. The person wrinkled their nose in disgust and suggested that it was ‘probably time to put him down, then, because he could live comfortably for months, yet, and think of the mess.’, However, Eduardo posted this video with the caption  ‘And of course, Ayrton’s signature pee on my wall…’ and within two weeks, it’s received 64,500 likes. Serio claims on his website that the reason his cats don’t attack people (and I’m not making this up) is “the bond of pure and innocent love that keeps us living harmoniously among one another”. The more exposure, the better! I’m talking black, white, illegal immigrants, gays, lesbians, bisexual, transexual. Granted, he lives in South Africa with plenty of land, but that’s why BJWT should stop taking in all the animals he comes across. He is a showman. Unlike other breeders, however, Serio does not sell cubs because he firmly believes that nobody should “own” an animal. She wrote two very excellent (and completely vetted and factual) articles which she subsequently chose to remove after Serio pitched one of the most immature and ridiculous temper tantrums (on social media, like a child, I might add) and since then, Jacalyn has made no public comment on BJWT at all. have you caught his latest posts “responding”, if you can call it that, to his “haters” in his vague manner that the Mexican government supports him. Ungratefulness and disloyalty are the worst traits that a Human being may have. "margin-left": "20px", This is an accident waiting to happen. He has NO knowledge or education or science background in animal husbandry, or big cat behavior and ecology. now i know what this place really is, i have considered tigers an extinct specie, what’s left in zoos and sanctuaries are just tiger looking pets, real tigers have extinct. It is also why we so strictly consider only GFAS accredited sanctuaries as being genuine sanctuaries. Only two of those people actually responded to me, the one with 64k followers and some other guy. 6. There are standards for a reason. His stages for these animals are large and growing larger. We really tried to be nice and still want him to do the right thing. I’m not being sarcastic, or overly dramatic. Honestly? I was not surprised when one of Eduardo’s friends immediately jumped to his defense, called me a moronic imbecile, and invited her friends to gang up on me. How can he say he is against these animals being pets when he contributes to the market by buying them? Serio claims that every animals at BJWT has been “rescued” from various places, but Serio also regularly changes his own stories, sometimes telling entirely different stories, and there is little proof of where any of the animals came from. I politely asked about how he’s getting all these new litters of cubs on Instagram and he called me a “fool,” said that one day I’ll apologize, and blocked me. His sanctuary is frequented by celebrities such as the Kardashians, Lewis Hamilton and many more. Black Jaguar - White Tiger The Black. what’d he do now!? See more ideas about black jaguar white tiger, black jaguar, white tiger. He started as a “private collector” of big cats. Actually, it’s not just “interesting” that Jacalyn’s article has disappeared, it’s a prime example of how Eduardo Serio reacts to anything and anyone who legitimately questions what he’s doing. (Unless we’re on to something he is trying to hide). Something the ICARUS group repeatedly talks about is the method of hands off conservation. However, this article, dated October of 2015 states that ‘Stage 3’ of Eduardo’s ‘rehabilitation program’ is ‘in the making’ and will eventually offer ‘thousands of acres’ for the cats. He even has videos of exotic cats living peacefully in his house like a pet, which only encourages the pet trade. When he realized he was sitting on a “fame” goldmine, he upped the videos and started using the word “rescue.” You see, up until that point, he was using the word “adopt.” It just didn’t have the same impact, nor did it pull on the heartstrings of the public in the same way the word “rescue” did. Of course, as the sun rises and sets, his Instagram exploded to what it is today. No, I haven’t accidentally started talking about Siegfried and Roy, I haven’t accidentally referred to a retired circus performer who hoards ‘rescued’ big cats in his central Texas cape cod home. They’ve got the same level of proof that the cats in Eduardo’s care are alive and well as they do that aliens are hiding at Area 51. I live in south america, and I think there should be a competent authority that monitors any place where any organization has animals for care and protect. We could not continue to ignore him though when he began trotting celebrities through and having them pose with cubs because people will stupidly mimic celebrities without thinking about the consequences for the cats. this behavior has to come from the top down. There are numerous ongoing investigations into BJWT and Eduardo Serio. 12.2k Followers, 215 Following, 94 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from BlackJaguar.WhiteTiger (@blackjaguar.whitetiger) 3. Nothing he does, or says, helps WILD populations, and all the attention he gets comes from captive bred animals, which were captivity bred just so he could use them to get attention. I’ve volunteered at shelters & big dog rescues & if there’s one thing I can fully endorse it’s that 99% of the people who run them are bat crap bonkers. Another great, well-explained article. The terrifying part of all this support and lavish praise? } So a few dozen celebrities have gone down there to Black Jaguar White Tiger. In response Serio has said that someday he will use contraceptives, but there are no safe contraceptives for use in big cats. The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation. ( Log Out /  2. The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation officially opened its doors in 2015, and became a full fledged 501(c)(3) nonprofit and Tax Exempt organization in 2016. 6. } else { Up until Jim Jones lost his shit and orchestrated the largest mass suicide you’ve probably never heard of. While following this guy, I concluded that all he does is boasts about is the number of animals he’s saved, and keeps saving or taking in more. Personally I couldn’t care less about whether or not corrupt politicians or drug lords are helping with funds, about time they used their money for something good is all I can say. However, after her article was shared, Eddie flipped out threw a public tantrum and threatened her with legal action, literally threatening her until she had little choice to remove her article. script.async = true; He hit upon the idea of making his Instagram public. There is no legal definition of a “sanctuary” in Mexico. Change ). We’d like the animals of BJWT to go to a legitimate sanctuary where they’re allowed to live in settings which replicate nature as closely as possible without human interaction or being forced to perform for videos and photos. "footer": { Serio, according to Serio, sold his share portfolio to fund his Zoo. This is a great article. Eduardo talks candidly about his grossly incorrect handling of his animals, and shockingly, the public hangs on his every word. I pointed out that his organization has a responsibility to educate, and that showing videos of playing with these animals as if they were pets is irresponsible. Any zoo can tell you horror stories (if they are honest with you) about the cancers and other health issues that are caused by using pharmaceutical solutions to over breeding. "variantId": "all", One of these friends has 64k followers and works at bjwt. I just learned about this organisation today on Facebook. Honestly, the whole time this was going on I was laughing because I knew that there was no way they would ever take the criticisms to heart. He then blocked me after I had a couple of supportive comments. Similarly, in the summer of 2015 Dade City Wild Things came under severe fire (and rightly so) for allowing guests to swim with tiger cubs. "variantTitle": false, And he doesn’t own Instagram, he’s got 6m followers, that’s not even top 1000, so grow up & stop exaggerating, it’s another reason u invalidate ur own argument because u say dumb subjective stuff like that. this group relentlessly harasses me and my family and friends because I critiqued his practices on Instagram. May 2, 2018  When clueless celebrities post photos of themselves posing with cubs, their fans let them know it’s a cruel, selfish and ignorant thing to do. Perhaps if several articles are released closely together, we can do better than making page 7-8 on a Google search regarding the failings of the foundation. A fraud if you ask me. [CDATA[*/ BJWT HAS NO CONSERVATION VALUE WHATSOEVER. Black Jaguar White Tiger is a newly-founded private “rescue” for big cats, which started about a year or so ago in a wealthy area of Mexico City. Sorry, I wanted to ask if there is any authority in Mexico to control this, it was not a statement. 10K likes. Read it now. There are excellent sanctuaries which don’t even participate in social media. "modalProduct": { If he ever comes across this comment, he’ll screenshot it, post it on IG, add a caption he believes is ‘witty’ then pat himself on the back while he gets his army to do the rest. Celebraties need to stop supporting this hot headed hypocrite, STAT! If it’s ok for one, why not the other? Serio (and his followers) often refer to the cats as “kids”, and visitors to the ranch are invited to “play” with 500-lb. He lost his house, his cars, and all of his things were sold. There are amazing people working in BJWT but have absolutely no say on what goes on because Eduardo makes it impossible. Pingback: Black Jaguar – White Tiger, czyli koci biznes. How many celebrities have kept silent for decades about sexual assaults or worse because the perpetrators were people in high places who could ruin their careers? I could get my apartment back this very Monday if I wanted to. As well as continually mishandled. Every article I have cited, thus far, was published in 2015 and according to these articles the number of animals in Eduardo’s care varies (and let me remind you, Eduardo himself is giving these interviews) from 45 animals, to 152 animals. Eduardo Serio is the perfect storm of narcissism and ignorance. He often posts about the “horrible conditions” his cats came from and about how “happy” they are to live with him – and his followers eat it up, calling him an “angel” and praising him profusely for “saving” the animals. Nada. He seriously believes he’s the best in this ‘business’. This is another excellent article about Black Jaguar White Tiger. I have had a sinister feeling about him from the beginning and have recently begun to not agree with ANY of it. ‎Everyone at The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation understands the fact that defenseless and selfless animals are suffering because us humans have done the impossible to … 11. He is everything but a lover of animals If this really is a well-meaning man and his motives are pure, I will eat my words. Eduardo talks candidly about his grossly incorrect handling of his animals, and shockingly, the public hangs on his every word. } else { node: document.getElementById('collection-component-5ea9b0391c4'), I’m sincerely concerned for the animals in his care. I commented on a video on an animal video account of Eduardo incorrectly bottle feeding a lion cub while three other cubs climbed all over and chewed on him. I saw a video with those wild cats in enclosures too little and with nothing in it. The animals you don’t see on Instagram live in horrible conditions sometimes not even being exposed to the light of day. An ironic message for Serio to be sending, since he says he doesn’t believe that animals should be property. If these animals can’t be rehabilitated would you rather have them euthanized? Black Jaguar White Tiger is registered as a “Zoological Entertainment Facility.” Therefore, and make no mistake about this, his facility is NOT a “sanctuary,” it is a ZOO. } Every time Richardson says ” people know they are not me, that they don’t have the “bond” I do” I have to roll my eyes. In fact, people pine for the chance to visit the foundation and join in the glorified mishandling. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Not impressed with “Papa Bear” at all. He ran a church wherein everyone–literally everyone–was equal. How many other conservation groups, rescues, sanctuaries, scientific foundations, and the like do you see standing up and supporting BJWT? Most have been purchased from circuses and petting zoos through The Black Jaguar White Tiger Foundation (BJWT), an organization the Mexico native founded in 2013 to “rescue” them. It saddens me to write this but BJWT has lost its way. He is literally actively ADDING to the problem of native big cats, while claiming to solve problems in the wild. He has vets care for these animals daily and you make it sound like he lives in an apartment. How can anyone be a follower of Eddie Serio when they see him kick a small cat and mock the cat’s worried owner in this video? }); (function () { they’re a very scary cult which encourages animal abuse and I’m so comforted to know other people feel this way. IT DOES NOT. And of course, the celebrity snapshots and cute cub pictures have made him a rising star on Instagram. There are still wild tigers. It specializes in developing tools that automate online advertising and digital marketing activities. We mention that fact here: Cubs Cubs Everywhere, And With Them Oh The Funds We’ll Snare – The I.C.A.R.U.S. He shared his house in Monterrey with his three pets together with his co founder of the foundation and now ex girlfriend Rachel Brandt. Black Jaguar White Tiger has built a huge social media following featuring video clips showing Eduardo's incredible relationships with rescued big cats. }); He claims to have “saved” over 30 cats in his first year of operation, which is scary. That’s a very broad & general belief that many people have had or believe in. And I just read in a vanity Fair or vogue article he literally just bought an entire litter of Cubs from a breeder. Artemis Grey calls out Eddie Serio when he tries to act like he’s answering the questions people have, but really isn’t "margin-left": "-20px" adult lions,, Doc Antle – T.I.G.E.R.S (The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species), Waccatee Zoological Farm Myrtle Beach South Carolina. You can’t properly care for 8 horses on 8 acres, never mind 152 wild big cats. I was so shocked at the level of anger that simple comment has created. Tragically, the animals are paying with their lives for his megalomania. ( Log Out /  If his cats are being taken such good care of than these very innocent questions or comments should not be so threatening. If you are running a sanctuary and want the cats to not breed and live long happy, healthy lives, then you spay and neuter. domain: '', script.src = scriptURL; if (window.ShopifyBuy) { I absolutely love the comparison between Jim Jones and Eduardo Serio. Anyway, they of course told me not to believe what “unaccredited journalists” say, and that “Eddie” doesn’t “rescue” these animals for anyone’s approval. I’m sure anyone with an IQ over 45 knows that. options: { Do not believe a word he says. The only “names” Serio has are celebrities who don’t know anything about conservation, but who visit BWTJ and play with the cubs. Of course, gaggles of well-meaning animal lovers (the same kind who would fall for cub-petting schemes) have nothing but praise for Serio and his “amazing bond.” They think that this is the way a real sanctuary is run, to say nothing of the hundreds who express their wishes for their very own pet big cat, or at least the chance to touch one. He called me an idiot and blocked me. “The mothers abandoned them, the mothers can’t nurse them, they are runts, they are inbred and have problems.” This list of make believe reasons is regurgitated numerous times when new cubs appear. I just received the same type of treatment. The officials were quite impressed with his fame and social media standing. Help Us To Reform Exotic Animal Laws In Mexico. Rescue 5 & the 6th is rescued for free”, I have been a BJWT follower for years then I saw Eddie had his own IG account and realised the man he truly is … says alot about a man by his compassion for others. }, Shop high-quality unique Black Jaguar White Tiger T-Shirts designed and sold by artists. "max-width": "100%", If I told you that an Arizona housewife living on 8 acres had 180 house cats, you’d suggest I call animal control because she couldn’t possibly care for all of them properly. It’s the very same fantasy that has doomed so many big cats to life as “pets” – people so desperately want to believe that as long as they have “love”, everything will be OK. As along as somebody criticizes him or hates him, it’s their fault because they’re stupid and are haters. I used to be a fan until he would constantly post negatitvity. I know he probably wants to “save them all”, but at that rate, things are going to get out of hand very quickly. | animalus. (document.getElementsByTagName('head')[0] || document.getElementsByTagName('body')[0]).appendChild(script); Hopefully this will put an end to the abusive practice of speed breeding big cats to pull their cubs for pay to play schemes and as ego props in photos and videos posted online. Not everything you see on the cover is the truth. "contents": { PROFEPA and SEMARNAT have given him rescued circus cats. While he seems to have good intentions, they are paired with some very questionable practices. Help us to change the world so they can live their lives with dignity. By admin Posted on August 2, 2019 Since 2013, the Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation has worked tirelessly to end Animal cruelty and rescue as many angels as possible. If somehow he would listen to experts on this case the foundation would be so great! But that’s only to prevent them from being sold into a bad situation. The vets Serio keeps on staff have run the gamut from plastic surgeons to bird specialist, but no one specializing in big cats. "background-color": "#ffffff" Nobody except him, of course, because he “loves” them. 12. 1) because that’s ridiculous and 2) because it gives charlatans like Eddie a platform to stand on and spread his lies. On July 16, he posted a video on Facebook of a new litter of lion cubs. After reading the best article to date calling out Black Jaguar White Tiger, by Jacalyn Beales, I decided to write an ICARUS article on the subject. Think of Instagram as the supermarket tabloid of the internet. They always think the other guy isn’t doing ethically or he’s in it for the wrong reasons or he doesn’t screen people enough, he feeds his dogs too much, he feeds them too little, he spends too much on dog food, he spends too little on dog food, he solicits too much funds, u get the point. Founded in the articles 27, 26 and 32 bis of the Constitution with the internal ruling of SEMARNAT. I mentioned the other day to someone that my personal house cat, Ari, who is dealing with end stage heart failure, now sometimes has trouble making it to the litter box. "img": false, Dec 6, 2017 Instagram begins to flag animal abuse hashtags. "quantity": false 9. } Meanwhile, Black Jaguar White Lion’s own website claims to have rescued and be houses 180+ animals. At the time that Jacalyn’s article was published, BJWT was NOT a 501(c)3 company. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. He is a man who has sold the lives of these animals to feed his ego, and fame. BJWT followers and fans could find most of the information in my articles on their own if they simply researched the facts. I agree 100%. That’s like saying that a well loved foot ball player who has a huge fan following is somehow guaranteed to be a good player. Yet, the praise and hero-worship continues in articles like this. Even if (like you) asked an innocent question with genuine curiosity, he’ll feel attacked and proceed to block you, respond with immaturity or let his followers do that job for him. ShopifyBuyInit(); This site uses cookies for necessary functions meant to enhance your browsing experience: G.W.

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