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Perhaps it was the organic form, the simplicity of the idea, the quality of the craftsmanship, or possibly a combination of all three. 5-year warranty (terms and conditions may vary). Made of white lacquered solid alder wood with legs made of steel. The Eames House is awash with objects from far flung travels, gifts from long lost friends and from nature too. Charles and Ray had the original bird in their house and since 2007 it is available for a wider audience through production by Vitra. Let's turn our attention to the work of Charles Perdew (1874 to 1963) we can perhaps begin to understand one of the plausible alternative theories to the origin of the Eames House Bird. Inspired by the original and in collaboration with the Eames family, Vitra is … Whichever theory may hold the truth is likely lost to the annals of time, but it endures and is loved by all whom set eyes upon it, a true treasure of the Eames House. It is one thing to create a house so unique, so minimalist, but it is certainly another task to turn that house into a home. I’d never noticed the Eames bird before, but I’m a long time decoy collector: the original is a crow decoy made by Charlie Perdew of Henry, Illinois. The House Bird became a trademark prop in many Eames photographs, notably the famous publicity photo for the Eames Wire Chairs (bottom). ...this fabled story certainly has a sense of adventure, a sense of mystery too but could it be that its origins have more explainable beginnings? Some remark on the visual design of the building as having influences from the works of Mondrian, the 20th century Dutch artist with the distinctive style. What a long way it has come, that humble bird. An experiment in 2D and 3D animation on the life work of famous design duo, Ray and Charles Eames. But over the years, Vitra have proven on many occasions to be the masters of the 'limited edition' collectible. That maxim shaped a widespread shift in design during the 1940s and '50s. It had a perfect balance of matte finish and gloss finish. great one, but safe and secure too, Main building of Case Study House no. Charles and Ray Eames enriched the collage-like interior of their private home, the Eames House, with numerous objects and accessories that they brought back from their travels. 8, the Eames House showing living area to the left. Nestled into the hills of the Pacific Palisades neighborhood of LA, with a perimeter view of Santa Monica and the ocean beyond, stands Case Study House no. Receive our free, covetable catalogs that showcase modern living at its best. May 21, 2019 - The Eames House Bird Figurine was designed by Ray and Charles Eames for Vitra.Swiss manufacturer Vitra has won many awards over its 70-year history for its cutt Explore Home Decor Visitors lucky enough to visit the Eames House, which today serves as a 'time stood still' museum, will hear the curated origins of this treasured blackbird. Solid alder with black lacquer finish or walnut with clear lacquer finish, THE GIFTED SALE: SAVE 15% ON SELECT GIFTS. Should artistic merit (or influence) be given, should the Eames name exist on the bird at all? Description: For decades, the carved figure of a black wooden bird has occupied a central place in the Eames House, as an especially prized artifact among the possessions of Charles and Ray Eames. For more than fifty years, the figure of a wooden bird has been sitting in the center of the living room - an artifact of American folk art, of which the couple has clung tightly, this being visible in the countless photographs taken by the two in which Eames House Bird appeared. Perdew was not the only one making bird decoys either, though his work has become synonymous with the craft. It is certainly more than an ornament, it is a wonderfully curved sculptural artwork, brought to life as a blackbird through the intelligent addition of two small steel legs and beads for eyes. We could speculate a number of theories such as its visual appeal, perhaps it was handmade while being observed or perhaps it was so special because it came alongside a memory, a treasured moment spent with loved ones, on carefree travels. Of the many items decorative and functional to have adorned the legendary Eames house in California, one which has stood for over fifty years is the figure of a lacquered wooden bird. The Eames House Bird, designed by Charles en Ray Eames, is a true design classic. Colour: Black. Learn more about how we protect your personal data by viewing our Privacy Notice. It arrived, it mesmerized us, and then it was gone, flown as quick as we could blink our eyes. The Eames house, Charles and Ray’s personal residence, was an emporium of great design and novelty objects. Others are quick to point out the similarity of the design to that of the ESU, the storage range that housed customized colored panels, cross struts and a frame of steel. Designed with the help of close friend and acquaintance Eero Saarinen as early as 1945/1946, Case Study House no. The Eames House Bird rose to stardom in the 1950s when Charles and Ray Eames pulled it from their own living room and positioned it with a group of Eames DKR chairs for a poster. The Eames House Bird is crafted from black lacquered alder wood and is a re-edition from Vitra of one of Charles and Ray Eames’s own possessions. Model bird. Comme vous pouvez le voir ci-dessus, la plupart des propriétaires modernes du House Bird ont également choisi un endroit central. View our privacy policy. We'll work with you to make it right. Separated from the rest, yet positioned in the very center of things, one can only assume that this is something of great importance to its owner. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Be the first to know about DWR special offers, new product launches, and Studio events. See more ideas about eames house bird, eames house, house interior. They frequently used the House Bird as a decorative object in photo shoots. Vitra started producing the Eames House Bird with a polarized white lacquered finish. 8, more affectionately known as 'The Eames House'. Vitra Eames House Bird Designed by: Charles & Ray Eames ; Charles and Ray Eames. A classic. pieces that you won’t want to miss, Sell your Eames vintage furniture on the For over fifty years, the figure of a wooden bird has stood in the centre of the living room – an artefact of American folk art that was evidently highly treasured by the couple, since it also appeared frequently … This masterfully simplistic black bird (circa 1910) with tapered beak and sleek tail was one of their most prized objects of folk art. Just as we will never know the reason why Charles and Ray Eames loved the bird, we may never know ourselves, but we do, and we will. L’oiseau est un bel accessoire à admirer sans limites. It could be easily argued that the product being called the 'Eames House Bird' sounds very much like an original Eames design, devised, made and created by the legendary duo.

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